iisinsane69 (iisinsane69) wrote,

How do you know you are depressed?

When you haven't showered since two states ago?
When you sit in your car and don't have the energy to drive it for 40 minutes?
When you work for an hour then take a 4 hour nap?
When you sleep for over 9 hours a day but never really wake up?
When you gauge how much you hurt vs how much it would hurt others if you weren't here?
When you want to reach out to people but they would think you just want attention?
When you are pissed at the promises you have made that keep you here?
When everything on paper is going great and you can't enjoy any of it?
When you cut people off because they tried to make it about them?

Not saying I am experiencing any of this now.... I am also not saying I am not experiencing this now.
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